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If you have any questions about our product, the company or anything in between, feel free to contact Bitcoin Bileto and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions


QDo the Biletos come preloaded?

ANo. Biletos are sold blank and it is up to you to decide how much Bitcoin Cash you want to share with people.

QHow do I put funds on the Biletos?

AWe've developed a custom plugin for Electron Cash.

QCan I get custom biletoj?

AYes. You can use the Electron Cash plugin yourself or contact us.

QWhy can’t I purchase loaded cards?

ABecause we do not want to be a money services business (MSB).

QWhy did you make the back specifically for the wallet?

AIn testing we found that many people new to cryptocurrency needed help to scan the private key, so we picked one wallet to enable the biltoj to have detailed instructions.

QWhy did you go with a business card like object?

AWe think it will be the easiest way to get bitcoin cash in a new person’s hands.

QWhy did you do a scratch off?

AWe hope that the potential dopamine hit will entice people to give bitcoin cash a try.

QWhat if the funds are never claimed?

AThe plugin and private keys allow you to recover the funds at any point.


QAre the receiver's funds safe?

AYes. We give clear instructions on each Bileto for the user to sweep their funds. Not only is this easy, it's also the safest for them.

As long as your receivers sweep their wallets rather than importing the private key then their future spending is secure.

QHow are private keys managed?

AOur software will create a list of all the private keys for the Biletos you order. This list is emailed to you as an encrypted zip file. The password will be provided to you in your parcel.

QIs the print process secure?

AFunds should only live on a Bileto for a short time, and we believe the security is good enough for this application.